Fusion Energy Components

Custom design, analysis, fabrication, and testing of components and devices critical to fusion energy technology. 

  • Superconducting coil design, fabrication, and testing
  • Cryogenic high voltage breaks, feedthroughs, and transfer lines
  • Wire, power, and instrument feedthroughs
  • Quench detection and avoidance systems



ASC 2024 Applied Superconductivity Conference; Sept. 01 - 06, 2024


SkyWater Unveils Cryo Lab, Partners with FormFactor for Advanced RTS Noise Detection in ROIC Applications
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Breakthrough Enables Quench Detection in High-Field Magnets for Fusion Reactors
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The Promise and Perils of Superconductivity and Fusion Energy
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Tokamak Energy partners up to accelerate commercialisation of fusion energy
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