Titles of some of our projects

US Navy (USN)
· Rugged Low Heat Leak Cryogenic Seals and Electrical Quick Disconnects
· Compact Cryogenic High Temperature Superconducting Cable Junction Box
· Thermal Management Leads
· High Voltage, High Current, Low Heat Leak Current Lead with Thermal Disconnect
· Electro-Magnetic Rail Gun
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
· Novel lightweight magnets for space applications
· Fabrication and Test of HTS Coils for a Space Propulsion Engine
· Lightweight Design and Fabrication of an HTS Coil for a Space Propulsion Engine
· CVD Material Processing for Superior Thermal Connectivity in Cryogenic Applications
· Ultralightweight Compact Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator
· Low Current, Ultra-Low Heat Leak, Current Lead
Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E)
· Novel, Low Cost, High Field Conductor for Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage
· Low-cost Superconducting Wire for Wind Generators
· Racetrack HTS magnet construction for Superconducting Wind Generators
US Air Force (USAF)
· Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Device for Ultra-High Power and Energy Density
US Department of Energy (DOE)
· Novel Magnetometer for High Energy Physics, Fusion and Electric Utility Applications
US Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
· Novel Spacecraft Separation System
US Department of Defense (DOD)
· Superconducting Developments for Compact Power and Energy Systems


ASC 2024 Applied Superconductivity Conference; Sept. 01 - 06, 2024


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The Promise and Perils of Superconductivity and Fusion Energy
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